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pre-empt./verb/: 1. to prevent something from happening by taking action first


Dr. Sara Ziegele, PT, DPT, OCS


Dr. Ziegele completed her Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Movement Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at UW-Madison in 2013. Since then she has spent her career working in orthopaedics and sports medicine with clients ranging from Olympians, Ironmen, and semiprofessional athletes to workplace and tactical "athletes." She is a board certified orthopaedic clinical specialist with extensive experience in analyzing and treating overuse injuries from occupational and recreational activity.   

After years of treating clients within a large healthcare system, Dr. Ziegele recognized the desire of her patients to be treated on their own terms.  In order to truly allow individuals to pursue their personalized goals without the confines of the traditional clinic, she started Preempt Physical Therapy, LLC.  Through education, she further gives her clients the tools needed to prevent future injury.  This successful practice naturally led Dr. Ziegele to develop workplace injury prevention consultation services as she recognized the opportunity to preemptively address the source of overuse injury to benefit both the individual worker and the employer.  

By actively listening, Dr. Ziegele hears what is most important to you and customizes the program accordingly and effectively. With Preempt, you can address whatever challenges stand between where you are and where you want to go. 

Taylor L.

"The vendor stand, workshop, and keynote session were all top-notch. Sara's interactive approach added a whole new level of engagement. The stretches she provided were tailored perfectly to our career needs, and they've already made a positive impact on our well-being. She shared with us a follow up form to allow us to continue the practice at home, ensuring long-term benefits." 
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