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Dr. Ziegele does more than just listen, she HEARS what her clients are saying

 Next level education and training 

No profession is more heavily educated on musculoskeletal function, injury, recovery, and prevention than the doctor of physical therapy.  Going beyond, Dr. Ziegele combines this extensive skillset with a degree in exercise and movement science.  Further demonstrating her dedication to evidence based practice, she tops off her credentials with the orthopedic clinical specialist certification which is only held by <10% of licensed physical therapists in the country.  

Trusted, first hand experience

Physical therapists are on the front line of musculoskeletal injury.  Their scope encompasses more than just identifying what is wrong.  They are tasked with pinpointing why it occurred in the first place.  Dr. Ziegele converts the experience she has gained from years of treating clients with overuse tendinopathy, low back pain, and age related degeneration into effective prevention strategies. 

Physical therapists as instructors

What sets physical therapy apart is that it's NOT a passive approach to getting better and staying better.  Successful physical therapy is rooted in learning about the source of breakdown and actively addressing or preventing it.  Therefore, good physical therapists are also seasoned educators.  Further developing her instructional skills, Dr. Ziegele has served as an adjunct instructor for six different college courses in addition to presenting numerous professional and community lectures.    

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