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Workplace Injury Prevention Program 

It's more than just your classic ergonomic assessment.  Built upon Impacc's four decades of proven results, Dr. Ziegele also teaches employees how and why to improve their work behaviors, postures, and self care. 

The result is that workers become motivated experts in their own musculoskeletal system.  They will attain valuable, useful, and practical advice to keep them working with less pain.  And to better prepare for when musculoskeletal injury does arise, leaders will be equipped with strategies for responding to a claim, demanding effective treatment, and getting employees back to work. 


Stop Spending Money On Treatment For...

Carpal Tunnel

Rotator Cuff

Low Back Pain

Tennis Elbow


Muscle Strain

How It Works

Step 1

Workplace Evaluation  
Dr. Ziegele performs a comprehensive analysis of the work environment to identify current and prospective musculoskeletal injury risks as well as the scope of potential corrective action.
  This includes review of MSK injury claims and cost history, trends, and OSHA-300 log.  Essential to this phase is collaboration with managers, supervisors, and employees to establish and target priority concerns.  Impressions are consolidated into a clear written report.

Step 2

Leadership Seminar 
Next, Dr. Ziegele addresses the relevant workplace risk factors and discusses strategies for reducing musculoskeletal injury claims and worker's comp costs with the personnel involved in administration, management, and employee oversight. 

Step 3

Employee Education Program
Finally, Dr. Ziegele integrates relevant medical concepts, functional applications, and motivational strategies in a comprehensive 2-hour educational program for employees.  This is the keystone of success for achieving long term results.  Not only will attendees learn WHAT to do, they will more importantly learn WHY.  This results in an internal incentive for self-care behavior.  

Proven Success

Built upon a workforce injury prevention approach originally developed by Lauren Hebert PT, DPT, OCS  the program has already proven itself in more than 700 workplaces and reduced lost work days by an average of 70%.  Over 100,000 employees have used this strategy to minimize lost work time and age-related musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Fists in Solidarity

Measurable Value

The program often pays for itself after merely preventing one or two lost-time musculoskeletal injury claims.  Combined with the potential for improved employee retention, the value extends to avoidance of unnecessary and expensive recruiting, hiring, and training costs.  

Men with Calculator

Now more than ever, it is clear that dependable employees are an undeniable necessity in any business' success.  With Preempt's workforce injury prevention services, you can keep your employees healthy and productive, all while improving their workplace satisfaction.  Employers already know the high cost of injury and subsequent lost time in the workplace...

Now you can save both the money and hassle of downtime by preventing it in the first place. 

LESS Workplace Injury

LESS Lost Time.

LESS Cost.

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