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Olivia J.

“Sara was absolutely amazing! I went to see her about a year after having my first child, complaining of Achilles issues as I was ramping mileage up for marathon. I had already been treated at a large, well-known PT company for what later became evident as a related issue. Sara didn’t just treat my Achilles but connected it to several other things, including leftover weakness from childbirth. She built a plan that would increase my strength overall and prevent further issues. I love her holistic approach to PT and looking at the whole body instead of just the immediate cause of pain. This is why I continue to go back with any other concerns! She’s the best!”

Taylor L.

"Sara is a pleasure to work with and learn from. We hosted a Wellness Day event and her involvement in our event was nothing short of outstanding. She seamlessly navigated through various roles, demonstrating exceptional ease and professionalism in each one. 


As a communicator, she was great! She was so easy to plan with and made sure everyone felt comfortable and informed throughout. Her mentoring skills were valuable, guiding us with expert advice and insights. 


The vendor stand, workshop, and keynote session were all top-notch. Sara's interactive approach added a whole new level of engagement. The stretches she provided were tailored perfectly to our career needs, and they've already made a positive impact on our well-being. She shared with us a follow up form to allow us to continue the practice at home, ensuring long-term benefits. 


Sara, you're a true professional with a heart of gold. We can't thank you enough for your invaluable contributions to our event! We can't wait to work with you again in the future."


"If you are interested in a running gait analysis check out Dr. Sara Ziegele at Preempt Physical Therapy, LLC in Neenah! She was a wealth of knowledge during my appointment and I walked away feeling very confident with ways I can improve my gait mechanics   Thank you!!"

Stephanie P.

"I have loved the partnership with Dr. Sara and my staff team at Fusion Footwear in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Her passion, knowledge and teaching skills are top notch. She is able to communicate with all team members and effectively program for specific needs. Highly recommend!"

Kari S.

“Dr. Ziegele is absolutely fantastic! She really took her time with me during the initial consult to gain a thorough understanding of my previous PT experiences, current issues, and preferred health outcomes for me. She is patient and a very good listener. She is also a wonderful teacher and helped me learn about my body and my PT exercises in language that I could easily understand. Essentially, it is clear that her training and knowledge are top-notch, but so is her care and compassion for her patients! I cannot recommend her enough!”

Anna H.

“Sara changed my life. In 2016 I wheeled in to meet her. A few months later I was walking out. I met her after a head on car accident in 2015. She is not only an amazing person but a great physical therapist. She knew just how far to push me yet still feel comfortable. She talked me through everything and the mechanics through each movement. Working with Sara was amazing. She is fun, sweet and personable. She comes up with new ways to help you and always has an idea. She will not only get you feeling better but also get to know you. She forever changed my life and helped me become me again. I highly recommend working with her.”

Lori O.

"If you are looking for an experienced, professional, knowledgeable, and personal Physical Therapist, stop looking
because you found her! As an RN myself, I thought my struggles with intermittent symptoms of dizziness were
just something I needed to adapt to. Not only did Sara truly listen to my history, in doing so was able to provide
a treatment that I completely responded to and my BPPV RESOLVED! Thank you Dr. Ziegele for giving me back
the confidence to return to all that I enjoy in life."

Katie L.

“Sara is an amazing physical therapist - she not only focuses on the area that brought you to PT in the first place, but heals by taking a holistic approach. My experience with Sara was healing from postpartum trauma - she took a kind and gentle yet aggressive enough approach to achieve all of my goals that I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to. Her knowledge and expertise is broad yet in-depth, and overall I highly recommend her! ”


"Sara Ziegele was absolutely amazing! She is compassionate and focused on getting me back to where I was before my injury. She listened to every detail I provided and planned the next steps based on what she heard. She always came back spot-on with the treatment needed to alleviate my discomfort. I am so grateful for the knowledge and exercises I came away with so I can continue my journey to recovery and the opportunity to give it my all at the gym! Thank you Sara!"

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